Friday Meetup at You Know Where

Quaker Hill Tavern

See ya where? At the Quaker Hill Tavern, of course!

Yes, at Mullane’s Mug, now the Quaker Hill Tavern, still located at 61 North Bedford Road, Chappaqua, NY 10514 (914) 238-6416

We talked to the folks at the Quaker Hill Tavern, f.k.a. Mullane’s Mug, and were assured that the best way to integrate their fine establishment into our weekend is to just let it happen. They see reunion groups several times a year, and they’ve learned that folks come in and out, sit at the patio tables out front, and gather (yes, still) in the parking lot at the Grand Union. Space is not an issue (rain aside) and in general Greeley Quakers are harder to herd than cats. The Tavern does serve food, and they’ve tried buffets, but that doesn’t seem to work well because the flow of people is very fluid.

Now, we know there are no guarantees in life.  But with the Tavern’s blessing we suggest that you either take your chances and come hungry, or meet up with other Class of ’74 folks for dinner at one of the now many restaurants in the area (Just Google it!). Either way, we’ll meetup at the Quaker Hill Tavern at some point and nametags will be provided!

Hope to see you all, each and every blessed one of you, there!

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