The Greeley Class of ’74 Reunion Planning Committee

Tricia Allen  —  Co-Chair & Gedney Park / Quaker Hill Tavern Contact

Amy Meller  —  Co-Chair, Accounting & Holiday Inn / SPINS Bowl Contact

Jerrald Hayes  —  Website & Database Guru

Wendy Huff  —  Marketing  & Hospitality Co-Director

Karen Reinhardt  —  Marketing & Hospitality Co-Director

Peter Ruppert  —  Marketing & Hospitality Co-Director

Chris “Ollie” Reis  —  Gedney Park Picnic Sports, Games & Mixers Co-Director

Kathy Curran Collins  —  Gedney Park Picnic Sports, Games & Mixers Co-Director

Julie Beal  —  Nametags Director 🙂

Chris Keane  —  Man About Chappaqua 

Carolyn Curto  —  Golf Tournament Co-Director 

Greg Hurd  —  Golf Tournament Co-Director

Terri Campbell  & Al Owens  —  All Things Photography

Laurie Harden & Donna Kanner  —  All Things Musical

And You! We still do not have correct contact information for a number of people. If you have contact information for any of those listed at Find Our Classmates, please email the information to Wouldya, couldya, shouldya? Thanks!


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