Hi everyone, our 40-year reunion was incredibly successful, thanks to the selfless efforts of the reunion committee and friends; everyone really enjoyed seeing each other and their spouses, and those classmates who couldn’t make the reunion were missed.  We think we have a special class in this respect and we thought instead of waiting for some far off anniversary date,  why not get together again sooner?!  Turning 60 was unfathomable when we were shuffling back and forth between class buildings at Greeley during the early seventies, but we made it!  Let’s embrace it and celebrate together at a festive destination, where we can roll in a mini vacation with a big birthday party!

We are still finalizing a time and destination, but were thinking of getting together again sometime either in April, May, September or October of 2016 for a bash down in South Florida.  If you would like to help with the planning and logistics, please contact us!

For more information you can call or email Peter Ruppert (203) 895-3202 or Elaine Stoia Feldman (914) 494-6233 to find out more (or to volunteer to help out!)

Or you can join the discussion by adding your comments to the post here or on our Greeley Class of 74 Facebook Page or in our Greeley Class of 74 Facebook Group.

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