Quaker74Yearbook_0649_600x450We want to build not just a recreation of our Class of ’74 Yearbook but a Year(s) Book here covering all the experiences our classmates had growing up in Chappaqua, Millwood, and Mt.Kisco while attending Horace Greeley, Bell School, Roaring Brook Elementary, Grafflin Elementary, St. John’s & St. Mary’s Parish School and even Kip Street School Kindergaten.

If you have photos or just a story you like to tell tell us about and we publish it here in Year(s) Book.

Tell us about and share with us photos and stories about the Steel Band, Photography Club, Satori, the Cross Country Team, Gold Team, Cheerleading, or perhaps a memory of class with Mr. Stewart or “Bud” Wright or anything else about the experiences you remember from kindergarten to high school.

Contact Patricia Leigh Allen, Amy Meller, or JerraldHayes to learn how you can help.

Were using the WordPress publishing platform to build the website here so if you already know how to use WordPress we’ll set you up as an author and if you don’t know how to use it we can point you to some training videos and/or even give you some personal training via an online meeting using FuzeBox: Online Meetings & Video Conferencing. Contact JerraldHayes for details.

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