Our old friend Laurie Harden takes the stage to take her shot at standup comedy and it all there for us to see over on YouTube. Not an easy task at all. (And I’m a featured character in it)

On another note….Keep tuned everybody I’m working on the email newsletter and there are some changes and improvements coming to our website (class directory, yearbook blurbs for what were doing now) that I’ll have out any day now and then we can get the discussion and planning going on to what this “over achieving” class of ours (Laurie Harden’s description of us) is going to do next in the way of getting together again.

We’re all looking get the conversation going about a 45th reunion, or a 60th birthday bash in 2016, or both or any other ideas for get togethers anyone might have.

By the way Amy & Tricia put together a survey taking a “retrospective” look at that weekend we all had together a few months ago and if you haven’t filled it out just click and follow this link to submit it online.

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