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The First Report From The HGHS Multi-year Reunion For Classes Up Until the Year 2000

The Horace Greeley Class of '74 Saturday afternoon, Jul 15th, 2017 (photo credit: Amy Meller)

A class photo that was taken on Saturday afternoon, Jul 15th, 2017 at the Bell School downtown before the main event Saturday evening down at Captain Lawrence in Elmsford.

Front Row Left to Right: Chris Hart, Chris Malmsjo, Patricia Leigh Allen, (Skipper) Rodney Curtis Smith,  Barbara Philips, Scott Kieper, Nancy Anderson Salkow, and Noni Corelli Curran

Back Row Left to Right: Amy Meller, Chris Keane, Joyce Gray. Teri Olson (Campbell), and  David Crowley.

(As I collect and organize photos from the event I’ll be building a photo gallery page)

Update Sun, July 10: Hello Again & Happy 60th Birthday Horace Greeley Class of 1974 Classmates & Friends 


As we all know, most of us are turning 60 this year.  Our 60th birthday is a very special occasion.  It would be fun to celebrate with friends from the past and present.  It will also be fun to make new friends.  It has been nice speaking with classmates and catching up with people.  We have about 20 people who are on board.  It would be nice to have 60 people or more.  Peter and I have chosen to have the party at the Margaritaville Beach Resort in Hollywood, Florida.  This is a new hotel on a beautiful beach.  It is in a safe area with a 3-mile walkway along the beach.  There is plenty to do, and you do not need a car.

The closest airport is Hollywood/Ft. Lauderdale.  There is a shuttle bus at the airport, or you can rent a car if you prefer.

Our birthday party will be on October 28th to October 30th, 2016.  You can come earlier if you wish.  There may be a golf outing on Friday or Saturday.  We plan to meet at the 5’oclock Somewhere bar on Friday night, then a stroll on the beach.  Saturday will be a day at the beach or you could take the water taxi to South Beach and other parts of Miami.  We are planning an official birthday party for Saturday evening at the hotel.  They will give us a banquet room on the 11th floor if we have enough people.  On Sunday, we can meet for brunch.

All rooms at the hotel have a water view (either the ocean or the intracoastal waterway) and a balcony. We have reserved a discount code for the Horace Greeley party.  Our discount code is:  Fins15.  This code gives us 15% off the prevailing rate. All rooms are on the 11th floor and above.  Suites and larger rooms are also available.  There is no deposit to book your room, so we encourage you to book right away.  You will be charged for the room if you cancel your reservation within 72 hours of your arrival date.  You will not be charged for the room until you arrive.

To make a reservation, please call the hotel at (954) 874-4444.  You can also book online.

We are providing a list of hotels in the Hollywood Beach area that are less expensive.  You would have to contact these hotels directly.  If interested, please call soon as these hotels seem to fill up faster.

Neptune Hollywood Beach Hotel        Silver Spray Hotel

Hollywood Beach Sea Turtle Motel    Design Suite Hollywood Beach

Please RSVP By August 15, 2016

Peter Ruppert

Elaine Stoia Feldman 
914-763-3152 (work) 914-494-6233 (cell)

The Class of 74 60th Birthday Bash at the Margaritaville Beach Resort in Hollywood, Florida


Dear Horace Greeley Class of 1974 Classmates,

Happy 60th birthday to most of us!!!!  Turning 60 is a milestone, and we hope many of us can celebrate this special occasion together.   We are planning our 60th birthday party for Friday, October 28th through Sunday, October 30th at the beautiful Margaritaville Beach Resort in Hollywood, Florida.

Please plan to join us for three (or more) days of sun and fun.  There is an optional head start on Wednesday, October 26th and Thursday, October 27th.   If flying, Ft. Lauderdale International Airport is the closest airport.  Car rentals are available; or you can take a bus from the airport for approximately $5.00.

We are reserving a block of rooms at $229.00 per night plus Florida taxes.  There is a $15.00 per day charge for beach towels and chairs.   Each room at the hotel has a water view (ocean view, intracoastal waterway, or both).  The rooms start on the 11th floor.  The views are beautiful.  All rooms have a private balcony.  Parking is about $30.00 per day.

Carolyn Curto has graciously offered to organize a golf outing for Friday or Saturday.
Friday evening we plan to meet at the “License to Chill Bar” at the hotel.  We are planning a midnight walk on the beach.  Hollywood has one of the best boardwalks in the country (known as the “Broadwalk”).  Hollywood Beach is a safe beach.

We are planning our birthday bash for Saturday evening – cocktail hour, dinner, dancing, and karaoke on the 11th floor balcony and ballroom.  Sunday we are planning a recovery brunch.

Please try to tie in a mini-vacation to celebrate our 60th birthday together.  Life is short.  We all have a lot in common.  We were lucky to go to Horace Greeley High School.  Let’s celebrate life together in 2016 in Hollywood, Florida.

We are trying to get an indication of your commitment to attend this fun event by the end of February or early March.  Please let us know about your commitment, so we can make the necessary arrangements for this great event.  The party will cost about $125.00 to $150.00 per person.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and can’t wait to celebrate with all of you.


Peter Ruppert (203-895-3202) 
Elaine Stoia Feldman (914-494-6233) 


Announcing: The Class of 74 Turns 60 Years Old Bash

Hi everyone, our 40-year reunion was incredibly successful, thanks to the selfless efforts of the reunion committee and friends; everyone really enjoyed seeing each other and their spouses, and those classmates who couldn’t make the reunion were missed.  We think we have a special class in this respect and we thought instead of waiting for some far off anniversary date,  why not get together again sooner?!  Turning 60 was unfathomable when we were shuffling back and forth between class buildings at Greeley during the early seventies, but we made it!  Let’s embrace it and celebrate together at a festive destination, where we can roll in a mini vacation with a big birthday party!

We are still finalizing a time and destination, but were thinking of getting together again sometime either in April, May, September or October of 2016 for a bash down in South Florida.  If you would like to help with the planning and logistics, please contact us!

For more information you can call or email Peter Ruppert (203) 895-3202 or Elaine Stoia Feldman (914) 494-6233 to find out more (or to volunteer to help out!)

Or you can join the discussion by adding your comments to the post here or on our Greeley Class of 74 Facebook Page or in our Greeley Class of 74 Facebook Group.

Laurie Harden Takes the Stage to Take Her Shot at Standup Comedy

Our old friend Laurie Harden takes the stage to take her shot at standup comedy and it all there for us to see over on YouTube. Not an easy task at all. (And I’m a featured character in it)

On another note….Keep tuned everybody I’m working on the email newsletter and there are some changes and improvements coming to our website (class directory, yearbook blurbs for what were doing now) that I’ll have out any day now and then we can get the discussion and planning going on to what this “over achieving” class of ours (Laurie Harden’s description of us) is going to do next in the way of getting together again.

We’re all looking get the conversation going about a 45th reunion, or a 60th birthday bash in 2016, or both or any other ideas for get togethers anyone might have.

By the way Amy & Tricia put together a survey taking a “retrospective” look at that weekend we all had together a few months ago and if you haven’t filled it out just click and follow this link to submit it online.

A Wonderful Package of RBS Essays & Illustrations from David White

The story is going to be incomplete here since I’m getting it third hand but David White sent Amy a couple of scans of ditto copies of essay’s and illustrations from a Roaring Brook School class they were in. I don’t know the grade and I don’t know the teacher but these are too special to wait for the details so I’m posting them tonight and I fix the details to the story later.

In these two PDFs you’ll see names like Art Winter, Peter Teasdale, Julie Calabrese, Andy Gabriel, James Beam, Richard Keller, Melissa Young, Lorraine Hanrahan, Ann Lombard, David White, Elizabeth Sherrill, Linda Fan, Amy Meller, Cindy Whitehorne, Ronnie Evans, Claire Ireland, Todd Postol, Leslie Blackeby, Kathy Barrett, Philip Damiano, Grag Gubelin, Wendy L. Huff, Janet Hazen, Tom Philips, John Ahlin, Gavin Townsend, Hall McKinley, and Wayne Collin.






Mr. Brownsword’s 4th Grade Class at Roaring Brook School


I think I can name most of us: starting in the back row, Allison White, Ricky Weyman, Patty Trotta, Ken Lehman, Cindy Whitehorne, Kathy Ferguson,

Next Row: Mike Greer, Janet Hazen, Charlie Ewell, Connie Heflin, Peter Whitney, Linda Fan

Next Row: Sue Christiansen, Jimmy Johnson, drawing a blank, Daren Lind, Wayne Colin, Amy Meller, Bud Betts Susan Winchell

Bottom Row: Steve Huntoon, Frank Laforge, John Whitten and Greg Hurd.

Scary that I remember this stuff, but it was a great class.

Hey folks we’ll work on getting a high resolution photo up here real soon

Miss Billingsly’s 4th Grade Class at Roaring Brook School


Top Row, L to R: Derrick Berlage, Diane ?, Jimmy Ailes, Heather Wilson, Greg Hurd, Mary Pat Frischler, David Hov…I think.
2nd Row: Rickey Weyman, Cathy Smith, Peter Whitney, Karen Bressler, Caroline Tucci, Mike Greer, Sue Christiansen, Mark Aisen
Bottom Row: Linda Grossman, Doug ?, Kathy Ferguson, John Dietz, Ann Crowley, Stephen Huntoon Robin Koranda and Charlie Harbaugh (sp) Miss Billingsly teacher…whew…haven’t used my brain like that in years…

Hey folks we’ll work on getting a high resolution photo up here real soon

Miss Maloney’s 4th Grade Class – Grafflin School


Front Row: Peggy Newcombe, Lorraine Escoffery, Gail Winterbottom, Tracy Hill, Cheryl Coryell, Carol Novak, Claudia Cane
Middle Row: Tom Bellantoni, Jim Truslow, Bill Christensen, Joe Sadove, Eddie Hawkes, Mike Dwyer, Richard Title, Steve Currant, Allen Owens
Back Row: Miss Maloney, David Crowley, Stephanie Taylor, Paul Kifner, Lisa Goldsbury, Doug Milliambro, Kerry Kellner, Bobby O’Connor

The Senior Musical: Anything Goes Photos from Stephanie Taylor Scott

OK – here (Anything) Goes:
1. Bon Voyage
front row: Jim Gordon, Pam Westenhoefer, Beth Whittingham, Karen Rinehardt, Stephanie Taylor, Greg Hurd, Liz Sanders, Noni Corelli, Karen Lind, Liz Goldsmith, Karen Bentson, Carolyn Curto, Teri Campbell, Joyce Gray, Greg Pererra, Paul Quinby.



2. John Ahlin with crew and passengers in the Revial Meeting leading into Blow Gabriel

Brendan Hanrahan on the far left Lori Panteleo in the back next to John Ahlin, Ron Tetelman just to his right then Paul Quimby, Skipper Smith, Dick Harvell, Andy Levine, George Sweet (sitting)….



3. The Sailorettes Kick Line

left to right: Roseanne Gervase, Pam Higley, Carolyn Curto, Karen Lind, Stephanie Taylor, Carolyn Schneider, Ann Housel, Nancy Anderson, Robin Warsaw, Liz Goldsmith, Karen Bentson, Allison Stone



4. Sailors/Angels/Sailorettes

back row: Stephanie Taylor, Ann Housel, Nancy Anderson, Robin Warsaw

in front : Christine Warren, Clay Hillyer, Wendy Bernhard



5. Sailors/Sailorettes

Left to Right: Karen Lind, Clay Hillyer, Ken Lehman, Jerry Hayes, Ann Housel, Art Winter, and Robin Warsaw



6. The End of Blow Gabriel

Left to Right: Wendy Berhard, Mary Pat Fritschler, Noni Corelli, Christine Warren, Patty Trotta(or is that Princess Leah?) Ann Townsend



7. The Show’s Finale

Ron Tetelman Bob Reid, Dave Bagwill  Andy Levine Karen Bentson Brian Carrol, Liz Goldsmith, Carolyn Curto Karen Lind, Jerry Hayes, me Stephanie Taylor and Carolyn Schneider



Mr Covino’s 5th Grade Class at Douglas Grafflin


Front row: Betsy Ballard, Pam Higley,Marion Levfesty, Wynne Dopke, Laurie Escoffery, Barbara Zieffer, Vivian Crowe, Elaine Mossly (sp)

Middle row: David Crowley, Mike Dywer, Steve Blizzard, Kevin O’Niell, Carol Rudinai, Teddy Black, Lynn Marasco, Steve Peer, Brad Taylor, Tommy Bellantoni

Back row: Mr. Al Covino, Ronnie Molz, Niel Vandervilt, John Pateince, Tony Oliveri, Mark Devins, Jeff Thomas, Richard Title

Please note that I’ve also included a pdf of what my mother had written as to who was who. 5thGradeRoster.pdf

Mrs. Klausner’s 4th grade class at Douglas Grafflin



Front row: Terry Chandler, Lisa Thompson, Linda Dingman, Elisa Mozli (sp), Patty Heyes, Debbie Saltzman, Ann Townsend
Middle row: James Harris, Ronnie Tetelman, Greg Maggas, Eric Schmidt, Doug Cioffi, Jim Gordon, Mark Devins, Tony Oliveri
Top row: Mrs Klausner, Jeff Thomas, Peter Morgan, Patty Pious, Billy Lang, Elaine Ruckut, Craig Schneider, Phil Griffin

Missing from photo Nancy Barnes (she tells me she must have been absent that day— Jerrald Hayes Mon, Aug 25, 2014 )

(note that I’m trying to decipher my mother’s hand writing from 50 years ago)

The Senior Musical: Anything Goes Photos from Lori Panteleo & Jeff Thomas

Our good friend Lori Panteleo has graciously scanned her library of photos from our Senior Class Musical Anything Goes. Ironically it was my now late dad that took almost all of those photos but we lost them when suffering from dementia he either destroyed them or filed them somewhere where we could never find him in his later years. (With an addition Saturday, June 21, 2014 ; 4:52 PM with another photo from our old friend Jeff Thomas)

Now I need some help identifying who is who in the big group photos and getting the order and descriptions straight so please jump in and add your comments below. Need some help? Then check out the program I posted a while back: The Senior Class Musical ‘Anything Goes’ Program


From L to R: Christine Warren, Cindy Whitehorne, Wendy Bernhard, Paul Quimby Lori Panteleo Clay Hillyer and Greg Pereria.



From L to R: Mary Pat Fritschler, Noni Correlli, Christine Warren, Wendy Bernhard, and Lori Panteleo.



Foreground: John Ahlin



Blow Gabriel



Blow Gabriel again.



From L to R: Jerry Hayes, Paul Quimby and John Ahlin



Front Row From L to R: Greg Pereria, Beth Whittingham, Cindy Whitehorne, Jim Gordon, Lori Panteleo,  John Ahlin, Paul Quimby, Pam Westenhoefer



Foreground: Director Pat Collins (Kathy Curran‘s husband) at work. Behind him From L to R: Peery Maynard, Dave Bagwill, Wendy Huff, Ellen Ziff, and Ellen Oetkin


Added Saturday, June 21, 2014 ; 4:47 PM  From our old friend Jeff Thomas


Front Row From L to R: Jim Gordon, Pam Wuestenhoefer,, Beth Whittingham, Brian Carrol, Terry Chandler, Anne Housal, Liz Sanders, Greg Hurd, Wendy Bernhart, Robin Warsaw and Clay Hillyer

What Music Were You Listening to Back In High School?

Hey, it’s Jerrald Hayes….Do you remember the music you listened to in high school? I think we all remember “Woodstock: Music from the Original Soundtrack,” but what else were you listening to back then?

I was listening to tunes while out riding my bicycle the other day and I put together some of what I recall from back then. I can recall hanging out just outside the gym before I’m guessing what was a summer time football practice listening to somebody’s car radio playing a song by this new guy named Bruce Springsteen called “Spirit in the Night” (Or maybe it was “Blinded by the Light“? It was a long time ago.)

What do you recall? What were you listening to back then?

In addition to helping Ian Gilchrist with photographs from the period for the proverbial slideshow, Peter Ruppert has offered to put together the music soundtrack for the show. Way to step up, Peter and Ian!

Some other songs I vaguely recall…

  • Moondance, by Van Morrison
  • Bad, Bad Leroy Brown, by Jim Croce
  • You’re So Vain, by Carly Simon
  • Reelin’ In the Years, by Steely Dan
  • Tiny Dancer, by Elton John
  • Stairway to Heaven, by Led Zeppelin

That’s about all I can dig up right now. Please add your favorite songs below, so Peter can try to add them to the soundtrack.

3rd Grade Grafflin School

3rd grade Grafflin

Front row – Neil Vanderbilt, Nancy (?), Eric Kuhn, Clayton Hillyer, Kelly (?)

Middle row – John Patience, John Truslow, Dick Clark, Laurent Mandlebrot (?), Karl Hawkins, Luke George, Larry (?), Kathy (?)

Back row -Emily (?),  Tom Parish (me), Renee Abbott


The Greeley JV Soccer Team (Fall of ’71)

Almost entirely Class of ’74


First Row Left to Right: Chris Craig Ken Lehman, Kirk Andrews (Class of 75) Gary Barnhart, Lou Brindisi, Me (Hall McKinley), Brian Carrol, Peter Teasdale,Mike Newman, & David Wade

2nd Row: Dave Bagwill, Doug Ellis, Kevin Shanahan, Jeff Thomas, Mark Nadel, Andy Gabriel, Brendan Hanrahan, Dave Bonington, & Rick Hall

3rd Row: Bill Goodman, Bud Betts, Charles McKean, ???, Jamie Adams, ???, & Dave Spalten

— Hall

Mrs. Jones’ 5th Grade Roaring Brook Class


Some of the people I think I see in this photo, (I still need to think further)

Top Row: Jon Dietz, Ellen Ziff,
Second to Top: Lyne Whitney, Mrs Jones
Middle row: Cindy Franklin, Gary Buescher, Linda Grossman,Gary Barnhart, Diane Singer Mike Tucci, Leslie Chow, one of the Mitchel twins.
Bottom row: Mike Deems, Greg Brownstone, Steve Korwin, Perry Peckham, Jim Roth,

— Ian

Mr Covino’s 5th Grade Class at Douglas Grafflin

Mr Covino’s 5th Grade Class at Douglas Grafflin

Front row: Betsy Ballard, Pam Higley,Marion Levfesty, Wynne Dopke, Laurie Escoffery, Barbara Zieffer, Vivian Crowe, Elaine Mossly (sp) Middle row: David Crowley, Mike Dywer, Steve Blizzard, Kevin O'Niell, Carol Rudinai, Teddy Black, Lynn Marasco, Steve Peer, Brad...

3rd Grade Grafflin School

3rd Grade Grafflin School

Front row - Neil Vanderbilt, Nancy (?), Eric Kuhn, Clayton Hillyer, Kelly (?) Middle row - John Patience, John Truslow, Dick Clark, Laurent Mandlebrot (?), Karl Hawkins, Luke George, Larry (?), Kathy (?) Back row -Emily (?),  Tom Parish (me), Renee Abbott...

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