According to Amy Meller who has been diligently searching for our missing Greeley Class of 74 Classmates in a post she made on January 18 at 1:13 PM in The Horace Greeley High School Class of 1974 FaceBook Group this is the true MIA List and it’s down to 7 out of 297 classmates. (MIA Meaning we don’t have any contact information or leads on where these classmates are today.)

Internet searches with many of the same name have not made a connection.

  • Paul Condon
  • Susan Craig
  • Susan Douglas
  • Cherrie Glasson
  • Consuello Guerrero
  • Christine Warren
  • Peter Whitney

If you have any tips or leads on where and or how to reach these people please let Bill Goodman know what you have so we can reach out to them and tell them about the upcoming reunion July 19-21, 2024. Or alternately you can contact me JerraldHayes and I will forward your tips to the search party group.

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