OK – here (Anything) Goes:
1. Bon Voyage
front row: Jim Gordon, Pam Westenhoefer, Beth Whittingham, Karen Rinehardt, Stephanie Taylor, Greg Hurd, Liz Sanders, Noni Corelli, Karen Lind, Liz Goldsmith, Karen Bentson, Carolyn Curto, Teri Campbell, Joyce Gray, Greg Pererra, Paul Quinby.



2. John Ahlin with crew and passengers in the Revial Meeting leading into Blow Gabriel

Brendan Hanrahan on the far left Lori Panteleo in the back next to John Ahlin, Ron Tetelman just to his right then Paul Quimby, Skipper Smith, Dick Harvell, Andy Levine, George Sweet (sitting)….



3. The Sailorettes Kick Line

left to right: Roseanne Gervase, Pam Higley, Carolyn Curto, Karen Lind, Stephanie Taylor, Carolyn Schneider, Ann Housel, Nancy Anderson, Robin Warsaw, Liz Goldsmith, Karen Bentson, Allison Stone



4. Sailors/Angels/Sailorettes

back row: Stephanie Taylor, Ann Housel, Nancy Anderson, Robin Warsaw

in front : Christine Warren, Clay Hillyer, Wendy Bernhard



5. Sailors/Sailorettes

Left to Right: Karen Lind, Clay Hillyer, Ken Lehman, Jerry Hayes, Ann Housel, Art Winter, and Robin Warsaw



6. The End of Blow Gabriel

Left to Right: Wendy Berhard, Mary Pat Fritschler, Noni Corelli, Christine Warren, Patty Trotta(or is that Princess Leah?) Ann Townsend



7. The Show’s Finale

Ron Tetelman Bob Reid, Dave Bagwill  Andy Levine Karen Bentson Brian Carrol, Liz Goldsmith, Carolyn Curto Karen Lind, Jerry Hayes, me Stephanie Taylor and Carolyn Schneider



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