Some of Chris Malmsjo’s Football Memories…

Chappaqua Rec League

Playing in the “Big 6” and/or the “Ivy League”

Freshman Team

One players unfortunate “accident” during a game…(no one could have handled it better than our leader did!)

Going undefeated!

JV Team

Last minute touchdown that clinched the victory over our “evil rival”… Sleepy Hollow

Going undefeated!

Varsity Team

Finally getting some cool new uniforms

“Blowing out” a highly favored Peekskill team to start out the season

Last minute interception that clinched the victory over Yorktown… and the NWIL Championship!


Quickly “Rolling over” our “rival” Fox

Going undefeated in the regular season!Lane in the last regular season game

Winning 20 of the 21 football games played as “one class” from ’70 to ’73!

…but the bitter memory of losing that last game for the County Championship to Harrison

Our great and unique Coaches: Harvey Polcek, Pete Berland, Eddie Ostendorf and of course Nick Perelle

The work, the excitement, the rush, the pride, the camaraderie, the friendships and the fun!

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