The story is going to be incomplete here since I’m getting it third hand but David White sent Amy a couple of scans of ditto copies of essay’s and illustrations from a Roaring Brook School class they were in. I don’t know the grade and I don’t know the teacher but these are too special to wait for the details so I’m posting them tonight and I fix the details to the story later.

In these two PDFs you’ll see names like Art Winter, Peter Teasdale, Julie Calabrese, Andy Gabriel, James Beam, Richard Keller, Melissa Young, Lorraine Hanrahan, Ann Lombard, David White, Elizabeth Sherrill, Linda Fan, Amy Meller, Cindy Whitehorne, Ronnie Evans, Claire Ireland, Todd Postol, Leslie Blackeby, Kathy Barrett, Philip Damiano, Grag Gubelin, Wendy L. Huff, Janet Hazen, Tom Philips, John Ahlin, Gavin Townsend, Hall McKinley, and Wayne Collin.






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