Our good friend Lori Panteleo has graciously scanned her library of photos from our Senior Class Musical Anything Goes. Ironically it was my now late dad that took almost all of those photos but we lost them when suffering from dementia he either destroyed them or filed them somewhere where we could never find him in his later years. (With an addition Saturday, June 21, 2014 ; 4:52 PM with another photo from our old friend Jeff Thomas)

Now I need some help identifying who is who in the big group photos and getting the order and descriptions straight so please jump in and add your comments below. Need some help? Then check out the program I posted a while back: The Senior Class Musical ‘Anything Goes’ Program


From L to R: Christine Warren, Cindy Whitehorne, Wendy Bernhard, Paul Quimby Lori Panteleo Clay Hillyer and Greg Pereria.



From L to R: Mary Pat Fritschler, Noni Correlli, Christine Warren, Wendy Bernhard, and Lori Panteleo.



Foreground: John Ahlin



Blow Gabriel



Blow Gabriel again.



From L to R: Jerry Hayes, Paul Quimby and John Ahlin



Front Row From L to R: Greg Pereria, Beth Whittingham, Cindy Whitehorne, Jim Gordon, Lori Panteleo,  John Ahlin, Paul Quimby, Pam Westenhoefer



Foreground: Director Pat Collins (Kathy Curran‘s husband) at work. Behind him From L to R: Peery Maynard, Dave Bagwill, Wendy Huff, Ellen Ziff, and Ellen Oetkin


Added Saturday, June 21, 2014 ; 4:47 PM  From our old friend Jeff Thomas


Front Row From L to R: Jim Gordon, Pam Wuestenhoefer,, Beth Whittingham, Brian Carrol, Terry Chandler, Anne Housal, Liz Sanders, Greg Hurd, Wendy Bernhart, Robin Warsaw and Clay Hillyer

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