Here is the bad news about our class Reunion….It’s a list of 18 Class Members who as of 8 pm Thursday, March 20th, 2014 we still don’t have positive contact information for and it amounts to about 5% of our class. We need everyone’s help finding and reaching out to every single one of these people.

Some of these people we do have a line on, meaning we’re on the trail and maybe know that they live in NameTheTown in NameTheState, but we don’t have anything like a phone number, email address, or address for them. If you can help with any of these names with ideas about how to track them down click to EMail me (Jerry Hayes) with what you have and we’ll get on it right away!

  • Derrick Berlage
  • Jay Brown
  • Kurt Charipper
  • Leslie Chow
  • Joe Doyle
  • Fred Ernst
  • Mary Pat Fritschler
  • John Gasperini
  • Cherrie Glasson
  • Lisa Goldman
  • Consuella Guerrero
  • Kathy Head
  • Sandi Katz  (found her or I should say she found us Sun, Sep 17, 2017)
  • Patti Shultz
  • Didi Stenzel
  • Mike Sullivan
  • Christine Warren
  • Peter Whitney

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