I’ve attached the class picture from Miss Iaquinto’s 5th grade class.  I can recognize a lot of the people, but not all (the old memory aint what it used to be).  Here’s who I think is in it:

Top row: Phil Damiano, Terri Campbell, Tommy Phillips, Peri Zules, George Pandaleon, ??, Rocky Rawcliffe

Third Row: John Lambert, ??, Nancy Anderson, Lynn Whitney?, ??, Denise Loiacono, ??, ??, Miss Iaquinto

Second Row: Noni Corelli, Jim Beam, Jeanie Hoffman, Peter Morehouse, ??, Doug Ellis, Elizabeth Goldsmith, Jon Spiro, ??

First Row: Bill Goodman, Tom Cates, Jamie Adams, Mike Rieger, Joe Bell

Hope everyone enjoys this… Bill Goodman

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