Horace Greeley Class of 1974

Greeley Quakers Who Play Together Stay Together

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The Class Year(s) Book (Blog)

Mr Covino’s 5th Grade Class at Douglas Grafflin

Front row: Betsy Ballard, Pam Higley,Marion Levfesty, Wynne Dopke, Laurie Escoffery, Barbara Zieffer, Vivian Crowe, Elaine Mossly (sp) Middle row: David Crowley, Mike Dywer, Steve Blizzard, Kevin O'Niell, Carol Rudinai, Teddy Black, Lynn Marasco, Steve Peer, Brad...

3rd Grade Grafflin School

Front row - Neil Vanderbilt, Nancy (?), Eric Kuhn, Clayton Hillyer, Kelly (?) Middle row - John Patience, John Truslow, Dick Clark, Laurent Mandlebrot (?), Karl Hawkins, Luke George, Larry (?), Kathy (?) Back row -Emily (?),  Tom Parish (me), Renee Abbott...

Troop 1 Boy Scouts (circa Fall 1971)

Neil Vanderbilt, Rob Sterman, Jerry Hayes, Bill Wimbrow, & Me (Tom Parrish) getting a fire started.   Left to Right Neil Vanderbilt, Rob Sterman, Jerry Hayes, me (Tom Parrish), Bill Wimbrow, & the boot of Scoutmaster Don Vanderbilt (Class of 1958?)

Mrs. West’s 2nd Grade Roaring Brook Class

I'm going to need a lot of help with this photo too. In it I can see standing fifth from the left Ken Lehman and then standing in the middle Steve Richardson, Me Jerry Hayes ,no idea, and Jeff Sassano, no idea again,  and then Jamie Adams and  now Linda Grossman...

Mr Rath’s 4th Grade Roaring Brook Class

I need some help here but some of the names I think I recognize in this old photo are Mike Newman, Ian Gilchrist, Karen Lind, Doug Ellis, Connie Heflin, Steve Korwan, Scott Kieper, George Pandaleon, Richard Parker, Jim Link, Steve Richardson, Denise Loiacono, Joyce...

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